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The Saint Paul's Gate Rhodes 2018. Fortifications of Rhodes 2018. Travel Vlog to Rhodes, Greece 2018


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Rhodes The Gate of St. Paul`s - Old Town of Rhodes Island, Greece 2018. Gates and Walls Tour of Rhodes, Greece. In this video we will show you a part of the old city of Rhodes. The Saint Paul's Gate is a part of the fortifications on Rhodes. The fortress, protecting the city from the invasion of unexpected guests from the Aegean Sea, was built in the XIV century, by the Knights-Ioannites. The Master of that time, Pietre D'Obusson, ordered to fense the city from all sides with high stone walls. Ordered - done. The length of the fortress was very high, so I had to make several entries. In total there were 11 of them. Each of them was enclosed by a deep moat and gates on chains that dropped and rose on orders.
Near the gate of St. Paul preserved clock tower Nullak. Every day the watch "languages" were carried in it. Their obligations included watching the sea closely, from where any ill-wishers could appear at any time.
Today, the gates of St. Paul are a semblance of the former structure. Of course there are common features, but they are in a destroyed state.
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